The mission of the Norman and Helen Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) is to advance knowledge and education in space technology and space science, by conducting research and development of space systems.

ASRI Entrance

ASRI was established in 1984. Its members are professors in multiple academic departments. The research and technical staff are involved in research and development of all aspects related to space technology and space science. ASRI is managed by a director, under the guidance of a management committee, whose members are the Technion’s Vice President for Research, the Deans of Physics and Aerospace Engineering and the Institute Director.

ASRI operates with a broad national perspective. It fosters interdisciplinary work, and collaboration of Israeli researchers from all universities and agencies as well as the industry. ASRI has established a strong international visibility based on collaborative projects with other countries.

ASRI has achieved global recognition – having succeeded in bringing space-related research activities to the forefront of science, technology, and academia both nationally and internationally. ASRI is now regarded as a prestigious research centre – prompting international students, academic visitors, and media to visit the institute and its laboratories.