ASRI Grants

The Asher Space Research Institute manages a competitive space research grant program, funded the Asher Family Foundation.
Funded research encompass all basic science disciplines related to space science and technology, including astronautics, astronomy, and applied mathematics.
2022 grants include:

  • Constrained realizations of 2MRS density and peculiar velocity fields: growth rate and local flow
    Prof. Adi Nusser
  • Chaos Evolution and Short-Period Corrections in High Earth Orbits
    Prof. Pini Gurfil
  • Thermoelectric materials
    Prof. Yaron Amouyal
  • Low-power Hall thruster Diagnostics using Optical Emission Spectroscopy
    Prof. Joseph Lefkowitz
  • Jet-powering of bumps in the light curves of erupting stars
    Prof. Noam Soker