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The Small Satellite Knowledge Centre performs hands-on Research and Development activities with engineering students and future Israeli space industry leaders. Thus, it’s a centre of innovation and offers the Israeli community tailored solutions, and makes maximal utilization of Israeli technology and products. ASRI and IAI – MBT are actively building the Technion’s next satellite mission.

SSKC holds conferences and workshops, and the scientific staff participates in international conferences in order to expose Israeli companies to opportunities that lay in the Small Satellites field and to expose Israeli products and technologies to foreign companies and research bodies. The centre actively seeks companies that can enter into the supply chain of small satellites.

Small Satellite research and technology is perceived as the future of academic space research and may have commercial applications as well. Small satellites provide the ideal grounds for the development and testing of new space technologies that are ambitious, yet still affordable. In order to remain at the forefront of this rapidly advancing field, and in order to keep pace with its growing markets, it is imperative that we expand the knowledge base. The Asher Space Research Institute (ASRI) at the Technion has a proven record in research topics ranging from propulsion, astro-dynamics, and space optics, as well as building student satellites. Recently, it started developing a nano-satellite program. ASRI had teamed with IAI – MBT – Space division, who already built nano-satellites, in establishing a Small Satellite Knowledge Centre (SSKC) at the Technion.

The Centre puts Israeli research at the cutting edge of space and Small Satellites technology. It develops and provides the best solutions to the needs of the Small Satellites community in Israel. The technology, research, infrastructure and knowledge developed at the Centre are accessible to the Israeli scientific and technological community.

The Small Satellite Knowledge Centre gets support from the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space

The combination of academic research and high-tech industrial applications creates an excellent basis for the applied-research field of small satellites. The Centre supports and promotes research and development of small satellite sub-systems based on Israeli technology. This improves the competitiveness of Israeli industry and decreases its dependence on foreign technology and products. The SSKC follows Technion tradition in training graduate and undergraduate students through its small-satellite projects, who will then become the next generation of space researchers and engineers. Furthermore, the centre promotes scientific cooperation of Israeli researchers with leading international research institutes, industries and space agencies.